Grant enables library to become ADA accessible

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 11:15 AM EDT
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Access to the Washburn Memorial Library is now easier for people. Kathy McCarty spoke with the library board's director about a grant that made the upgrades possible.

Improvements at the library have been a few years in the making. A Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation grant for $20,000 was obtained 2 years ago, but finding someone to do the work proved a bit difficult.

"When I submitted it, I said that we would have everything done within a year. And we had the proposal, we had the budget forms, and all of the quotes that we had from a gentleman on how much it was going to cost to do the cement work."

Unfortunately, the party who'd bid on the project was unable to do the job.

"We couldn't find someone to come give us a quote because it was a small job for a mason. We wrote to the King Foundation and they gave us another year and said 'Don't worry about it, just take your time and find somebody to do this job.'"

With the help of Town Manager Donna Turner, a new mason, Dwayne Thompson, was found and agreed to do the work.

"We are so excited with the new look outside. It just looks like a brand new library. And it's ADA compliant, which was the reason for the grant."

Access for people with disabilities is now much easier.

"The railing going down along the ramp, it's wider so that it is much more accessible to a wheelchair. The ramp comes up to a platform, which is wider and easier for someone to get the door open."

The funds also covered a new book drop, sign, and creating a garden spot at the library.