Grant helps firefighters get new gear

FORT KENT, Maine - The Fort Kent Fire Department has acquired some important new equipment, thanks to a grant.

Funded through the Maine Municipal Association, the department received a Safety Enhancement Grant, which will be used to equip firefighters with new gear.

"What we've focused on is personal protective equipment, specifically turn-out gear. We've been successful twice within a year and a half with the grant."

Pelletier says they're able to purchase two sets of gear each grant cycle, which is a huge help in upgrading equipment. The grant provides $2,000, with the department making up the rest of the cost of the new items, which include: jacket, pants, helmets, gloves, boots and two sets of fire-resistant hoods. He says the newer equipment is much more flexible, with better thermal and moisture protection, which is especially helpful when fighting fires at this time of year.