Greenhouse owners give tips to new gardeners

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 1:58 PM EDT
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Whether you have a naturally green or black thumb, there are of course tricks to the trade to make your experience successful. Mulvey and Keegan offer some tips for those who are just learning how to garden.

"Know what your growing number 1 and all plants are different so if your, you wanna know what those needs that plant is in if it's something that should be in the shade plant it in the shade, if it's something that should be in full sun, plant it in full sun put it in full sun," Mulvey said.

"Water in the morning especially because the day's gonna get hot and those plants are gonna need that water and even I notice that since the ground has been dry this spring there might be plants that they planted last year that might need watering so I'd pay close attention to that," Keegan said.

You can get additional advice on gardening from your local greenhouse.