Grieving mother receives letter from White House about son's overdose death

A grieving mother in Fort Fairfield got a piece of mail that gave her some hope last month...a letter from the White House, offering condolences for the loss of her son due to a drug overdose.

Lisa Betancourth shared her son Andrew's story with NewsSource 8 earlier this year. Andrew Mallet died of a drug overdose last year, when he was just 21 years old.

This past winter, Betancourth and a group of grieving moms sent letters to the President telling their children's stories. Betancourth sent Andrew's photo and story. In early July, Betancourth received a special piece of was a letter signed by the President himself.

Betancourth says upon reading it, she burst into tears.

"It was touching, because they mentioned Andrew's name...and it may be like everybody got the same letter, but my thing is...they read his story, they named him, they heard him, they heard my pain. So, I was impressed. I was happy that somebody heard that and it says that they're going to fight the crisis," she said.

Betancourth adds that August is national overdose awareness month. She says she's not going to give up fighting to break the grip of this deadly epidemic. She hopes to speak in local schools and says she's willing to speak to parents and-or their children if they're struggling with addiction. She says it's not about having hope that it will change, it's about facing the fact that it has to change.