‘He was just like my son,’ says man after beloved, prize-winning border collie found dead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF/CNN) - A Missouri family said they returned home to find their prize-winning dog dead in a pool of blood.

The Smith family is seeking answers regarding who killed their border collie Hero. The dog was found with its skull crushed Friday. (Source: WDAF/CNN)

The family wants to know what happen their dog and who was behind it.

Hero, the border collie, lived up to his name, according to his owner, Darby Smith.

“He was just a gentleman. Most border collies are not that way,” Smith said. “They’re obsessive and compulsive and that wasn’t Hero. He was just a lover. He wanted nothing more than just to lay on your lap.”
Hero also loved to play.

Smith and his family spent countless hours training Hero in disc skills, competing all over the country with his owner and his daughter, often taking top honors.

"They were ranked 4th in the world in youth,” Smith said. “So he was really accomplished with her, as well as me."

He also performed during pregame and halftime shows for Mizzou, KU, K State, Nebraska and the Royals.

"I can't even explain the bond we had,” Smith said. “He was just like my son."

But at just 5 years old, Hero’s glory days abruptly ended.

Smith’s wife and daughters came home Friday night to find Hero in a pool of blood.

“She was in hysterics and my kids were screaming and she said, ‘Hero’s dead,’ and I said, ‘How’s that even possible?’” Smith said.

The family’s home has invisible fencing. Their pets can’t even get close to the road.

" He was where he was allowed to be,” Smith said. “He should've been safe."

Hero’s skull was crushed and whoever hurt him made no effort to explain what happened. They just left the dog to die.

“The person that was there should not have been there,” Smith said. “They were not in the boundaries of where they were allowed to be. To leave things the way they were left, for my kids to come home and find (him), they didn’t need to see that.”

Smith sais he doesn’t want the person responsible to be arrested.

He just wants answers, an apology, and for whoever killed Hero to know exactly what they took away from his family and the entire community.

"It has a serious impact on a lot of people,” Smith said. “I just wish they'd have had the courage to say something. He deserved at least that."

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