Helmet Safety

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Kids are eager to ride their bikes now that the snow is gone. Sarah Duncan reports on how to correctly fit a child's bike helmet to make sure it's a safe biking season.

As kids start to head out on their bikes it is important to keep safety in mind. Here with advice is Andrew from bike board and ski. So Andrew what is the first thing we need to look at to fit a bike helmet?

Well the first thing you need to know is the right size. So it is important to measure the child's head and make sure you have the circumference correct so you have that you can figure out exactly what size helmet that they need to wear. After measuring we have determined that this helmet is the correct size for Payton and we are actually going to test the fit. So we will put it on her head and make sure it sits down nice. You really only want a finger or two of space between her eyes and the helmet. We will buckle the chin strap and the same thing here you really don't want more than a finger of spacing underneath the chin strap. You want it snug but you don't want it to be uncomfortable or choking. You can actually check with these helmets because they have a range of size that they fit. they have a dial fit in the back you adjust it inward so it tucks underneath the base of the skull and holds the helmet on the head securely and kind of adjust the head straps so it forms a v underneath the ear. It looks like you are ready to go riding Payton.

So Andrew why are helmets so important for kids to wear?

It is really a no brainer today for everybody to wear helmets, kids and adults. In fact in Maine the state law children under sixteen have to wear a helmet but just the protection from brain injuries. Studies have shown that kids are eighty- five percent less likely to get a brain injury when wearing a helmet if they get in to a crash.