Historic America trip

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 10:19 AM EDT
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History was brought to life for a group of County travelers. Rene Cloukey takes a look at the recently completed Holiday Vacations WAGM Historic America trip.

From Constitution Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to Harrisburg and Gettysburg and the key battles of the Civil War.Moving onto Washington DC visiting the monuments seeing the White House and the Capital and so much more. A stop at Mt Vernon and then onto Williamsburg Virginia, Jamestown and Yorktown to learn about more about the Revolutionary War. This whole trip was an eye opener for 33 travelers who stepped back in time.

(Pat Raymond):" Looking at all those places together puts everything in perspective. How this all began."

(Cheryl Raymond):" Everything from the Revolutionary to the Civil War to the Viet Nam Wall. There was just so much."

(Phil Lozier):"All the monuments we went to see and all the history .If i was going to do this on my own I wouldn't be able to do it in this amount of time."

(Pearl Lozier):"My favorite part was the Civil War Museum and Cyclorama and seeing history come to life."

Cheryl Raymond and Iris Raymond are both retired teachers. Iris says that this was an eye opening experience for her

(Iris Raymond):" I wish all kids could come here and visit all these museums. Just to bring everything in perspective for them and how hard these colonists had to work."

Reynold Raymond is also a former educator he says that being able to visit so many of historical sights on one trip opened his eyes about the hardship and bravery dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Reynold Raymond:" At Yorktown telling the men to keep the line keep the line as they were falling on each side. That really showed the amount of struggle that these people endured."

From being stopped in traffic in Washington DC because the Presidential Helicopter was preparing to land on the South Lawn to hearing the revolutionary war cannon being fired. This was a chance for history to come to life and to pay honor to all the brave people who helped make this Country what it is. Rene Cloukey NewsSource 8.