Hope & Justice Project Say Amy's Law Will Hold Domestic Violence Criminals Accountable

PRESQUE ISLE, ME-- A bill called "Amy's Law" has been passed earlier in the week by the Maine State legislature.

The bill is named for Amy Theriault who was murdered in St. Francis as a result of a domestic violence issue.

The new law gives a judge the power to give a life sentence if a domestic violence case results in murder. Advocates from the Hope and Justice Project say the law is a great continued step in providing more awareness to the problem of domestic violence in Maine and overall accountability for criminals.

Desiree Chasse, the Associate Director of the Hope & Justice Project says she thinks its a great thing it adds that weight behind a conviction for murder that if the victim was a domestic violence victim to encourage stronger sentencing and offender accountability which is something that we are always pushing for.

Chasse went on to applaud Amy Theriault's family for their persistence in seeing the bill through until its signage into law.

Chasse says the Theriault family has done such an amazing job of turning this awful tragedy into something positive by pushing for these laws holding events they're very supportive of the work we do we are always in contact with them and that was their resolve was to make this something positive have something positive come out of the tragedy that happend to Amy.