Hospital discontinuing 9-1-1 ambulance service

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Ambulance service as we know it will be changing in Presque Isle and surrounding communities by the end of the year. Greg LaFrancois, president of A.R. Gould Hospital, says local service will continue to be provided, just not by the hospital.

Greg LaFrancois says "At this point, there's another option in The County. Presque Isle Fire Department runs a 9-1-1 service, and so the towns - some towns have already reached out to Presque Isle and signed up for 9-1-1 service, and then the others will be doing that I imagine now."

He says the problem is there are two 9-1-1 providers in an area that can only support one. The decision was made to let the fire department handle local calls, with the hospital focusing on long-distance transports.