Hospitals collaborate to meet needs during pandemic

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 7:48 PM EDT
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Collaboration is the key to any successful team effort, especially when it comes to health care. To address the pandemic crisis, County hospitals are teaming up to have systems in place, should Covid 19 become a bigger issue here. Greg LaFrancois, President of A.R. Gould Hospital, says to do so, the four hospitals - NMMC, Cary, A.R. Gould and Houlton Regional - have begun holding meetings to discuss preparations and concerns.

"It was really a nice wide open discussion back and forth - mostly with the clinical teams, you know, the CMOs and the nursing staff. And that's - in all honesty, that's how things get done in hospitals is when the clinical leaders get together and start talking," says Greg LaFrancois.