Houlton Opoly

Houlton Opoly is the classic board game only with a shire town twist. The game features local businesses around the board. The game pieces are customized as some of the iconic landmarks around town.

“Everybody knows monopoly and playing the game for boardwalk and park place and all those things it is standard, but when it’s places that you visit and shop at and know, it adds something to the game, it’s like oh yeah I SAD29 or whatever, it adds a level to the game that isn’t there normally.”

“We have been so fortunate with people who grew up here have such an affinity for this area, so we have been able to as I said give about 50 thousand the last few years, we started out with a thousand dollars but over the years we’ve probably given out 500 thousand dollars in scholarships or more, and we’ve probably done over 250 thousand in projects at the high school and that ranges from purchasing smart boards, helping when they redid the gym, soccer lights for the outdoor soccer field, we’ve bought lockers, we’ve bought chairs for the library.”

You can buy the game at WHOU, County Coop, Volumes, Coles Shoe Store, JEI Sports, York’s of Houlton, & the Houlton Chamber Of Commerce. Order online by clicking the link.