Judge clears man of charges of shooting at police

AUGUSTA, Maine - Not guilty.

That's the verdict from a judge in Augusta this morning on all charges against a man accused of trying to kill a sheriff's deputy in a police shootout in Belgrade.

41-year-old Scott Bubar was charged with aggravated attempted murder of an officer during the shooting last year.

The jury waived trial ended last week.

Bubar's father, Roger, was killed during the standoff.

The judge cited a lack of physical evidence connecting Scott Bubar to the weapons fired.

She also dismissed the state's theory that Bubar placed the shotgun underneath his father's dead body.

The defense team says Bubar and his family are relieved and overwhelmed with the verdict.

“I think he’s just overwhelmed…before he walked in to court and the court announced its verdict, he was potentially facing life in prison. And the court, through a careful deliberation, looked at the evidence and not only found him not guilty, but it was highly likely it was Roger Bubar,” said Defense Attorney Scott Hess.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh said, “As disappointed as we are in the verdict, we are equally thankful that Justice Murphy recognized Sergeant Pierce's behavior that night, his willingness to protect the community and serve the public. And we're thankful to have officers that are willing to do that and put themselves at risk.”

Scott Bubar was shot in the abdomen during the standoff but recovered.