King Comments on Partial Government Shutdown

Voting on budget bills will be delayed until a final agreeement can be reached between President Trump and the senate according to the agreement reached Friday Afternoon by party leaderships. This comes after the partial government shutdown.

“We shouldn’t be in this situation. For months, Congress has worked on a bipartisan basis to craft spending bills that would attract support from both parties – including substantial funds for border security. Instead, the President has forced a partial government shutdown unless his demands for a wall on the southern border are met. As a result of his decision to reject a bipartisan agreement, federal employees – like law enforcement officers, park rangers, and air traffic controllers – must spend their holidays worrying if their next paycheck will be affected by political games. Everyone in the Congress is in favor of enhanced border security; the issue is whether a wall is the best and most cost-effective method of achieving this.” King said.

King is hopeful that an reasonable resolution can be reached. In the meantime, King will return home to Maine.