Law enforcement and local schools implement new In Force 911 program

Published: Apr. 27, 2018 at 10:46 AM EDT
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Law enforcement are continuing to provide students and staff at County schools with training they need in the case of an active shooter. And now they're taking it a step further. Earlier this week the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office rounded up school staff and other members of law enforcement to teach them about InForce 911 Technology- which is another way to communicate with first responders when in dangerous situations.

"What this does is it gives us real time information from the school, from a particular teacher, a particular room, and lets us know what's going on," said chief deputy sheriff Shawn Gillen.

With this technology, they do so with a click of a button, either on a cell phone or a computer. It's a line that's different from 911 and sends out an alert to all first responders in the area, instead of just one agency. This will allow members of any and all branches of law enforcement to be on the scene quickly and know exactly where they need to go.

"Response time is the most critical and paramount component to mitigating the outcome of these situations and by accomplishing that we want to save lives in the outcome of a school shooting by way of example," said In Force Technology president and CEO Brandon Flanagan.

The Sheriff's Office says this program goes hand in hand with the ALICE program that the state police are working to implement statewide. ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate. Lieutenant Brian Harris of the Maine State Police says the state police and sheriff's office saw a need to work together to prepare students and staff for these kinds of situations.

"It starts the response to the incident and then with the response comes the ALICE program of how to respond to that program to prepare the students and staff to whatever violence is coming their way," said lieut. Harris.

The Sheriff's Office says number of local schools are in the process of implementing this new technology.

The Sheriff's Office is able to offer this program because of a grant through the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency.

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