Libby's new life

She’s never committed a crime, but this 7 year old husky-lab mix is serving time at the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.

“We kind of joked with her and well now you’re going to go to jail, but it’s perfect.”

Libby was at the Aroostook County Humane society when the manager received a call from the sheriff’s office that they wanted to bring a dog into the jail to live.

“It’s perfect she’s got someone with her all the time, she still gets to go outside and everything and she gets to meet new people.”

Libby’s had a few different owners in her life, but none that were able to keep up with her constant need of attention and love – that is until now.

“Lot of folks that come in that we have there, suffer from anxiety either from withdraw from drugs, mental health issues, things of that nature and others are simply just anxious because they’re confined as many people would be.”

Sheriff Darrell Crandall says for about a year they’ve wanted to get a dog for the jail.

“It also we felt would help the inmates recognize the value in having to care for someone other than themselves.”

It’s been two and a half weeks since Libby came to the jail and so far she’s settling in well.

Unlike the other inmates, Libby has more freedom to roam the halls with the staff, she gets all the outside breaks she needs and of course lots of treats.

“Everybody from the guards to the inmates seem to love her, love walking her around petting her, just a lot of happy reaction.”

Sometimes good behavior can get someone out of jail, but Libby’s may just keep her in and if things continue going well, she’ll serve her life sentence in a place she’s now calling home.