Limary trial continues at Caribou Superior Court

CARIBOU, Maine - Testimony entered day two in the case of the state vs. Jonathan Limary. Limary is charged in the death of Jean Bragdon, who was injured in an altercation in Caribou in October of 2017. Bragdon died after being discharged in November 2017, following post-surgical complications.

Testimony began with Kyle Nadeau appearing via computer from Mississippi, where he is stationed in the Marines. Nadeau testified in October 2017 he lived with his girlfriend Cassidy Clair and roommate Jonathan Limary in Presque Isle. He said sometime during the evening, Andrew Geer and his girlfriend, Alexis Nichols, showed up.

Nadeau said he saw Geer on the phone, in a heated conversation. Later the group decided to go to Caribou. Nadeau said he was tired from a long day at work, so Limary drove.

Upon arrival at a Caribou parking lot, Nadeau saw two men cross the street and Limary and Geer got out to confront them. Nadeau, Clair and Nichols remained in the vehicle. Nadeau and Nichols later got out when more people arrived. He said he did not witness Limary get into a fight with Bragdon but saw Bragdon fall to the ground and Limary walking away.

Jason Willette Jr. testified the night of October 29th, he'd seen some not-so-nice posts about his sister from her boyfriend. He said Geer responded to the post. Willette was talking about the conversation with Geer, which Bragdon overheard. He said Bragdon went outside the Vickers Drive residence to talk to Geer on the phone. About a half hour later, a truck arrived and Willette saw Bragdon and his uncle, Norman Willette, get into a fight with Limary and Geer.

Willette said he heard but didn't see Bragdon get kicked. Willette and his father helped Bragdon back across the street and an ambulance was called. He said Bragdon was taken to the hospital, treated and released. A few days later Bragdon was admitted to a Bangor hospital for surgery. Willette and his father drove to Bangor to pick up Bragdon upon discharge. Willette said the doctor advised the tracheostomy site would heal in about a week. They returned to Caribou. Once home, Willette said he noticed blood on Bragdon's neck bandage. Bragdon, Willette and his father went to the bathroom where Bragdon reportedly removed the bandage and blood went everywhere. Bragdon collapsed, an ambulance was called and CPR started.

Sgt. Keith Ouellette of the Caribou Police Department testified he was the patrol officer who responded to the reported fight. Ouellette talked about interviewing those involved, and read Limary's statement about the incident in which Limary expressed being sorry about what happened.

Dan Cyr and Luke Brabant, paramedics with Caribou Fire and Ambulance Service, took the stand, explaining how they responded to their respective calls to assist Bragdon. Cyr took the call on October 30th, noting that Bragdon's injuries didn't appear life-threatening and that Bragdon was able to walk to the ambulance. Brabant said he responded on November 17th and that Bragdon was technically deceased before the ambulance arrived. He said attempts to bring back a viable heartbeat were unsuccessful and Bragdon was pronounced deceased.

The trial will resume Thursday at 9 a.m.