Loader severs 4 year old’s leg in New Vineyard

A four year old child was seriously injured after his leg was severed by the bucket of a front-end loader Monday afternoon.

Farmington Police say they stopped a vehicle for speeding and driving erratically, only to discover that the driver had a severed leg in the car.

According to officials, the driver explained that she was en-route to the hospital to deliver the leg for a possible reattachment to the young child it belonged to.

The officer escorted the driver to the hospital and then alerted the Sheriff’s Office of the incident.

At that point, detectives responded to the hospital to start a preliminary investigation.

The investigation revealed that the child was with his grandfather, the child's legal guardian, who was working in the family’s gravel pit with a front-end loader.

After exiting the loader, the grandfather allegedly turned his attention away and the child climbed underneath the bucket of the parked tractor, which been lowered but not leveled out.

Police say the bucket lost hydraulic pressure, lowered and captured both legs of the child, severing one of them.

The child was transported to the hospital by the grandfather and subsequently life-flighted to Boston.

Police say the grandfather’s immediate actions after the accident saved the child’s life.