Loss of revenue from cancelled fundraisers could affect crime fighting tool

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 5:29 PM EDT
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An organization responsible for assisting law enforcement in solving crimes, has cancelled two fundraisers this year, over concerns related to the pandemic. Terri Wheeler Brewer, Chairperson of the Aroostook County Crime Stoppers' Board, says the events - a golf tournament and shootout - are the sole sources of revenue for the crime tip program. The two events were expected to raise more than $3,000. Without those funds, the board will have to rely on limited funds in their bank account to pay tips until next year.

"Our plan is to - next year do a shootout and we're going to expand it to a two-day event - the first day for law enforcement, and the second day for the public. And we'll do that in early June, and then we'll do the Crime Stoppers golf tournament the first of August," says Terri Wheeler Brewer.

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