MDEA arrests 10 people in connection with drug ring

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency has announced the arrests of ten people in connection with a heroin and cocaine ring operating out of Dixfield.

The arrests follow indictments last week by the Oxford County Grand Jury. Most of the arrests took place yesterday.

The MDEA said nearly 50-80 grams of heroin and 28 grams of cocaine base were smuggled into Maine weekly by the group before it was shut down earlier this year.

Those arrested include:

- 21 year old Angelo Cabrera of Lawrence, MA
- 25 year old Angel Cabrera of Mexico, ME
- 25 year old Kelvin Caceras if Lawrence, MA
- 55 year old Jeffrey Waite of Dixfield, ME
- 25 year old Matthew Duka of Hanover, ME
- 30 year old Joshua Tozier of Lewiston, ME
- 25 year old Dillen Bronish of Jay, ME
- 22 year old Feleisha Burgess of Dixfiled, ME
- 42 year old Steven Knockwood of Jay, ME
- 23 year old Courtney Dyke of Peru, ME

Drug agents said the investigation began this spring when MDEA began looking at substitute teacher Matthew Duka for selling heroin and crack cocaine in the community. Agents found no evidence of any drug sales at the middle school.

MDEA, Rumford Police and State Police utilized an undercover agent to purchase of Heroin/Fentanyl from Duka. As the investigation continued, investigators learned that he was selling heroin and crack cocaine for two others, who were using a house at 21 Coolidge Road in Dixfield as their headquarters.

Angel Cabrera was one of the ring leaders of the drug sales, and solicited the owner of the house, Jeffrey Waite. to use his home as a distribution point. Cabrera then utilized, Kelvin Caceras to help run the drug trafficking business out of the house.

All of the heroin and crack cocaine was supplied by Cabrera's younger brother, Angelo Cabrera.

Angel Cabrera hired local drug customers and drug users to smuggle the heroin and crack cocaine from Lawrence, MA to Dixfield and to help him sell the drugs locally in Dixfield, Rumford, Mexico, Peru and Jay. In exchange, he supplied each of them free small amounts of heroin and crack cocaine.

The drug sales took place during the winter of 2016 through the late spring of 2017.

All are expected to appear in Oxford County District Court in South Paris on Friday.