MDEA arrests three in Sanford on drug trafficking charges

Police say that three people from Sanford face heroin charges after their arrests yesterday.

25 year old Mallory Marcheterre, 30 year old Michael Randall and 30 year old Venessa Fontaine were arrested by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

For the past two months, agents have been investigating the trio for suspected sales of heroin/fentanyl in the Sanford area.

On Monday, agents had information that Marcheterre and Randall were making a trip to the Lowell, Massachusetts, area to pick up the drugs.

MDEA Agents, Federal DEA Agents , State Police with a police dog, and Sanford Police stopped Marcheterre and Randall as they arrived at the Sanford home.

Found hidden inside their vehicle was 68 grams of heroin/fentanyl and a search of the residence located an additional 14 grams.

All three were charged with Class B Unlawful Trafficking in schedule W drugs.

Bail on Randall was set at $15,000 cash. Bail on Marcheterre and Fontaine was set at $10,000 cash each.

All three are currently at the York County Jail awaiting an initial court appearance.