MMG Insurance received a national award in innovation

Published: Jul. 23, 2019 at 2:03 PM EDT
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MMG Insurance has hired 150 people over the last five years, and have has gone from 28 percent millennial to 42 percent millennial. Larry Shaw is president and CEO of MMG insurance. He says there are around 1500 members in the national association of mutual insurance companies. MMG was chosen as the overall winner for the award in innovation. Five years ago Shaw says they looked at the future of MMG over the next decade. One of the main things they wanted to do was to attract more people to their company. Shaw says they've been impressed with how successful they've been with hiring people and bringing them to the County. An important part of the company is to show people there are opportunities in Aroostook County. Last year MMG had 42 promotions, which Shaw says has created an environment for people to grow…and for the company to get the national recognition of being a great place to work.