MPA basketball committee making sure things go smooth

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BANGOR, Me (WAGM) - In his latest report from Bangor, Rene tells us about how the Maine Principals Association is working all year to make the tournament run smoothly.

The MPA basketball committee overseas the tournament, their work begins early in the season.

(RON ERICSON) "From the beginning of the season to the end of the season, there is protocols and things like that have to be followed. The guidelines for the tournament, we're the group that comes up with that. Makeup games to ensure that the season finishes on time so that the postseason games can start when they're supposed to," said Ron Ericson of Washburn District High School.

Ericson has been the chair of the basketball committee for the last few years. He says they observe the games throughout the tournament.

"When we get here the management and scheduling and reorganization because of the weather. Then observing and taking note of sportsmanship," he said.

There are five members on the Northern Maine Region B/C/D committee and Ericson is the chairman of that committee and says they work closely and well together.

"Observing everything and then people will come up and ask you questions. You take a moment to take care of those things that come up for the different people that need things from you," Ericson explained.

Ericson has been on the committee for six years and says things are going smoothly.

"Things have gone smooth and we haven't had any major issues. The weather has been great, attendance is up. Everything has been very good," he added.

Of course they've been here all week too, and have been observing the games and watching for sportsmanship and just enjoying some basketball.