MSAD #1 School Budget Passed

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The administration's proposed budget for the MSAD #1 school district has passed for the 2017-2018 school year. Residents hit the polls yesterday to vote on the budget as well as to vote on whether there should be a school validation votes in the future. The option to have future schools validation votes passed as well. The budget was approved at the district budget meeting on April 12th, 2017. Since the budget passed, it was required that the budget go to a validation vote which was a booth vote consisted of the five member communities including Presque Isle, Mapleton, Chapman, Castle Hill, and Westfield. The communities voted for the budget as follows:

Presque Isle: 218 yes 108 no
Westfield: 18 yes 7 no
Mapleton: 63 yes 17 no
Chapman: 13 yes and 7 no
Castle Hill: 15 yes, 14 no