MSAD 45 Forming Committee to Consider Future of Washburn High School

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WASHBURN, ME. (WAGM) --A motion was formed by the board and was unanimously passed to form an exploratory committee to look at the possible closing of Washburn District High School. The communities of Perham, Wade, and Washburn may be asked to decide if they want to continue sending their students to Washburn High School or close the school in an effort to control high taxes.

" Form the committee will be the next step, see who wants to be involved in this process, start looking at what the costs are associated with the high school, what the advantages and disadvantages would be to close the high school, and then make a recommendation from the board-to the board, from this committee," said Superintendent of the MSAD- 1 School and MSAD-45 Brian Carpenter.

If the committee recommends closing the high school and the board approves, voters in the three towns would still have to approve any school closure in a referendum.The board also does not intend to consider any proposal to close the high school for the 2017-2018 school year.