MSSM sends students home due to flu outbreak

LIMESTONE, Maine - The Maine School of Science and Mathematics has sent their students home due to a large number of the student population having flu-like symptoms.

In the meantime, students are still able to keep up with their classes through Google Meet and other methods of online content delivery.

Students will not be brought back to their dorms until after their February break.

Luke Shorty is the Executive Director of the school and says sending the kids home was the best decision to keep the virus from spreading further around the school.

"Last Friday, we actually starting bumping up to about 20% of our student population had influenza like illness, and so when we were hitting a number and a percentage about that level, we decided the best thing to do is to get these kids out of the dormitory situation and back home. Kind of break up the petri dish if you will. So we sent them home on Sunday morning," said Shorty.

He also said that the school had a similar situation like this seven years ago, where the students were sent home due to the H1N1 flu virus.