Madawaska denies Twin Rivers of tax abatement

Town officials in Madawaska have turned down a local business's request for tax relief. Kathy McCarty spoke with the town manager and has more.

KM - A 2013 agreement between Madawaska and Twin Rivers Paper officials regarding a reduction in the business's assessed value was reviewed recently, with town officials opting to make changes.

GP - Back then, the mill was being - was - was struggling through the downturn of the paper economy. They asked the town back then for a reduction in their assessment so that they could make their property - their business saleable and help them weather the storm and come out from - you know, come out from the difficulties that were - they were going through.

KM - Town Manager Gary Picard says that agreement expired in 2016.

GP - There really hasn't been an appraisal done on Twin Rivers Paper for a very, very long time. And so the town's assessors, last year, initiated an appraisal for the Twin Rivers Paper Company.

KM - The appraisal, done by MR Valuations of New Jersey, came back higher than the 2013 agreement but very close to what the valuation was prior to that agreement.

GP - Twin Rivers Paper disagrees with the appraisal, we stand firm with it. We hired a competent firm to do this work for us. And they did not produce any information so that the board of assessors would - that would prove otherwise, so that the board of assessors could approve the abatement request.

KM - Picard says Twin Rivers' assessed value is over $180 million, which includes real estate, personal and other property. Twin Rivers has filed an appeal with the Maine State Board of Property Tax Review. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8