Madawaska school budget voted down a third time

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Madawaska, ME The school budget vote in Madawaska has failed once again.

The school budget was voted down tonight with

486- NO
358 -YES.

This was the third time this year the school budget has been voted down. The budget was passed after three times at the polls last year, this time that was not the case.

The school board will have to try and cut an already bare-bones budget. There is plans in place to have the Valley schools combine some resources, but this is three year plan.

The next cuts will be drastic as personnel is already at a minimum, sports have been brought up at previous school budget meetings as a place where they can cut.

The town went to an open school budget session earlier last month and they gave the school board a number to cut, they hit that number but the budget still didn't pass by 128 votes.