Maine Department of Corrections confirms first case of Covid-19 at Windham faciity

WINDHAM, Maine - An inmate at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham has tested positive for Covid-19, says Commissioner Randall Liberty, of the Maine Department of Corrections. This is the first case of an MDOC prisoner to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to Liberty, the unidentified male inmate, in his 20s, began showing symptoms on May 17th. He was promptly moved to an
isolation unit, which is MDOC’s practice as part of COVID-19. He was tested for COVID-19 by medical staff on May 18th.

Liberty says the inmate's test was sent to Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory in Augusta. On May 19th, MDOC was notified of the positive test result.

The Department, in consultation with the Maine CDC, initiated previously developed protocols to respond to a positive case.

MDOC and Maine CDC have also initiated testing of staff and inmates at MCC working or living in areas where potential exposure could have occurred. Additionally, MDOC and Maine CDC have begun contact
tracing procedures for those staff and other inmates who had close contact with the individual.

The individual, who was transferred to MCC on March 3rd, has not required hospitalization to date.

Liberty says over the past several months, the Department has implemented prevention and preparation practices, including enhancing cleaning measures; suspending all visits from family, friends, and other non-professional visitors and volunteers to MDOC facilities; suspending home visits, site visits, and field work performed by adult and juvenile probation staff; suspending work release and community work programs; and working to reduce the prison population.

The Department also launched a public COVID-19 Dashboard, which is updated each weekday, to provide information related to prisons’ populations and COVID-19 testing information.