Maine game wardens did some airboat training on Eagle Lake

Though this may not be ideal conditions for a nice day out on the water, these game wardens are actually hard at work training. According to Mike Joy, a Sargent for the Maine game warden service, Division E got this air boat last January from Florida.

"The air boat was a much needed piece of equipment. So it's working out very well. This time of year and all throughout winter in Maine, sometimes there's a lot of open water but you can't get a conventional boat to that location so this air boat you can offload it on dry ground, drive right across water, onto ice back into open water," he said.

Joy says current weather and water conditions are perfect to train on. He says they are holding these trainings so they are ready should they need to rescue people from flooded areas.

"The rivers, the lakes are really high right now with some more rain in the forecast so I hope we never use them it but we're gonna be ready if the call comes for it," he said.

He adds that this is the fourth and last training for these conditions.

"Once the ice goes and we're gonna do some river training and current which is another application that we use the air boat for so we'll have some more trainings but as far as the bad ice, these conditions, this will be the last one," he said.

The wardens now have five airboats. Tools they are thankful to have, but hope to never use.