New online program will teach independent living skills to those in need in the County

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Presque Isle A nonprofit organization in South Portland is expanding some of its services to make them accessible for folks right here in the County. STRIVE is well known in the southern part of the state for serving tweens, teens, and young adults with intellectual and emotional disabilities.

The nonprofit is hoping to reach folks right here in Aroostook County, as well as other parts of the state and perhaps even the country.

They plan to do so with STRIVE WorldWIDE- a new online program to teach independent living skills to individuals with the aforementioned disabilities.

Their pilot course will run from April 1st to May 5th and will be focused on personal safety.

Learners will complete work at their own pace and participate in two weekly live online seminars. The nonprofit's associate director Pete Brown says this is a great opportunity for folks around the state.

"This gives folks that either don't want to or can't relocate an opportunity to be involved, so it really gives people that might have been falling through the cracks a little bit in terms of services hopefully an opportunity to receive some much needed training. Getting them a job, being active in the community, giving back and being an active part of their community is a big part of what we we think this is really important because it will train people and give them what they need to be successful to do that," he said.

Brown says to apply for the program, just visit and click on STRIVE WORLDWIDE.