Maine's new student Governor looks forward to the year ahead

Similar to a real election, students at schools across the state hold caucus sessions to nominate a student governor nominee.

"I was lucky to be one of the nominees that night who was able to go on to actually competing for governor, and then once I got there I had to participate in a debate with the other governor candidates and I had to do a speech and after that the next day there was voting and found out I won."

Martin Brozman is a student at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. His predecessor is also from The County. Last year Zach Weeks was voted in as student governor.

"The year itself was life-changing, I didn't grow up as a confident kid so when 3-400 people picked me to be the leader of the program it was astounding and it really gave a new burst of confidence, allowed me to do things like speak in public more, be more politically active, allowed me to have that sense of okay my voice does matter."