Mattel adds news helicopter, delivery trucks to its #ThankYouHeroes toys

The collection includes a news helicopter from Matchbox. (Source: Mattel)

(Gray News) - Mattel unveiled an expansion of its #ThankYouHeroes toy collection, a project that honors first responders and everyday heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

Mattel worked with Matchbox, Mega Construx, and UNO to create the collection.

The toys from Matchbox include an ambulance, garbage truck, grocery delivery van, mobile hospital, package delivery van, police car and a news helicopter.

The collection contains two building sets from Mega Construx. The first features a police cruiser, delivery cart and medical lab, along with action figures including a police officer, scientist and EMTs.

The second features a food delivery truck and kitchen, along with firefighter, cook and food delivery worker action figures.

The new UNO cards have He-Man as a grocery delivery worker and Barbie as a scientist.

Through May 31, Mattel is donating all net proceeds from the project to #FirstRespondersFirst, which provides essential support to frontline healthcare workers and their families.

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