Micmac Market hosts seed and seedling swap

CARIBOU, Maine - Snow may still be on the ground, but planting was the topic on many people's minds at Saturday's seed swap at the Micmac Market in Caribou.

Deena Albert Parks, owner of Chops Ahoy Farm in Woodland, was one of several vendors on hand. She says events like this are a perfect opportunity for farmers and gardeners to share ideas, seedlings and more.

"It's been another great day. And we're also doing a seed swap and plant swap today as well. It's very important that you plant seeds that are grown for your area and for your soil types, so it's kinda nice. And it's nice that we have good quality seed companies in the state of Maine that we can choose seeds from."

Parks also serves as chairperson of the Presque Isle Farmer's Market. She says events like these provide people an opportunity to meet farmers and buy locally-produced items, such as pork, honey, vegetables, hand-spun yarn and more.