Winter Festival Market Held at Micmac Farms

Jan Grieco is busy selling her tea. She's one of about 23 vendors participating in the Mic Mac Winter Festival Market.

"I'm really appreciative that the people who oversee the farmers market and the Micmac collaborated to make this happen. All you have to do is look around and see the impact that it has on people's spirits in the winter and it creates community too," Grieco said.

Vendors sold a variety of goods from preserved vegetables to teas and even local honey!

"We took reservations from 25 farms and right here I think we have about 23, so that's pretty good. Most of them are food producers, producing local meats, and a few artisans are doing some live artisans demonstrations like some goose egg painting and some Micmac basket weaving," Jacob Pelkey, marketing manager for the Aroostook Bands of Micmacs, said.

Pelkey says This is important to the Micmac community as they believe in sharing and want to show the public some of their values, while providing the local community with an opportunity to experience home grown food.

"People put a passion in these and these are safe foods that people can be eating and a lot of people don't understand that you can go and get a local tea made from plants and herbs grown right here in Aroostook County. This is different from typical grocery shopping cause it's knowing where your food comes from, this is food sovereignty really," Pelkey said.

"I think it's wonderful. First time I've been here. I think it's very great how it's been set up and I enjoy just all the booths and everything," Gail Cote said.

they will be hosting their fourth market in April.