New cellphone law in effect

Not hanging up your phone before you switch gears could now cost you. Today the hands' free cellphone law went into effect in the state of Maine.

The steering wheel is the only thing that should be in your hands now that the new law is in place that prohibits holding your phone while driving.

As of September 19th, anyone caught using their cell phone while behind the wheel could face a fine.

Lt. Brian Harris with Maine state police say one of their biggest causes of accidents is distracted driving.

The law pertains to everybody on the road, including law enforcement, unless it's an emergency situation.

Law enforcement is encouraging motorists to enable their hands' free options either through their devices or their vehicles.

Motorists say it's a common sight to see someone on their phone while driving around the County. Many say it'll be a big change, but some agree it's for the best

Police say they often see people on their phones at stop signs and red lights. The law still applies even when your foot is on the break.