No contact order for County lakes lifted

FORT KENT, Maine - The Fort Kent pump station now reporting they're back in service after a no contact order was put in place for the Fish River and Saint John River.

DEP Regional director Nick Archer says due to intense storms in the St John Valley, a pump station in Fort Kent that transfers waste water from the town to the treatment facility had a pump failure.

Tuesday, the Department of Environmental Protection warned people that due to the equipment failure, a no contact order was put in place. Tuesday night, a new pump was installed.

"As it turns out, the other pump that goes in the pump station was out for repair so they had no pump," explained Archer. "It wasn't a power failure, it was an equipment failure. So, there was no way to get the waste water up the facilities up to the waste water facilities. They were bypassing partially treated waste water, which means they were screening for grit and other material but they were chlorinating it which is the key part which takes care of the bacteria which is the threat we're all concerned of."

Water samples were taken and the Maine DEP, who says that the no contact order is now lifted.