Northern Maine Community College to host it's commencement online

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 2:47 PM EDT
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According to Tim Crowley, the president of NMCC, they are going to do an online commencement because of the coronavirus pandemic. He says that normally they would host commencement at the Forum in Presque Isle but wanted to make sure everyone stayed safe during this time.

He adds that even though it isn’t a traditional commencement, they still want to be able to give the 185 graduates a chance to march across the stage.

"We will invite these graduates back next year as well. So they’ll get an opportunity…maybe they’ll get a chance to have two commencements. But we’ll invite them back next year as well," he said.

"So, even though our celebration will be non traditional this year I’m still very excited to attend. I know that my colleagues, staff, and faculty are very excited to attend. We’re so proud of them and this year they’ve had that extra hurdle of having their lives sort of turned upside down by the pandemic having to change up their learning plans right in the middle of the semester but they’ve made it, they did a great job and I think that they should be extra of their efforts," Said Jennifer Graham, an english and communication instructor for Northern Maine Community College.

Crowley says that they will have a link on their facebook page at 10am on Saturday for those who want to watch the graduates

If you would like to watch, go to the following link: