October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

“It is a major issue in our county and throughout our state and pretty much the nation.”

A major issue that continues to affect people here in Aroostook County.

“It is an epidemic really, often times I think we focus so much on gun violence and different things that we tend to forget that domestic violence is something that really affects many people.”

Tammy Albert is the director of education, prevention, and training at The Hope and Justice Project. The organization is located in Fort Kent, Presque Isle and Houlton. They’ve worked with more than 1000 individuals so far this year.

“This year alone Maine has had seven deaths, homicides to domestic violence and that was intimate partner violence so that in itself is something that we would love to see the numbers to go down obviously, but again it’s something that we need to talk about even though how much it feels bad to talk about someone dying to domestic violence it’s important that we try to raise awareness simply because we want those numbers to go down each year unfortunately we just see them consistent and sometimes even more than just seven deaths.”