Officials earn trip to tourney.

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BANGOR, Me (WAGM) - In his latest report from Bangor Rene Cloukey takes a look at how officials are selected to work the games.

Every basketball game has to have officials to keep it under control. Pete Webb is the basketball commissioner and he has been involved in basketball for over 50 years and oversees all of the officials.

"I've been the basketball commissioner for 27 years. Before that I served as the assistant commissioner for 13 years," Webb said.

Basketball officials are picked to work tournament games based on votes from the schools.

"Every school may recommend 10 officials in alphabetical order, who they'd recommend for tournament officiating. They also may list two people they prefer not to have in their game. About 100 officials are selected based on the support from the schools to serve as members of the officiating staff at tournament time," Webb said.

Webb then assigns the officials who will be working the games and he works closely with the site supervisors at the three venues.

"Assignments all come to my desk with the help of the site supervisor in Bangor who is David Ames, TJ Halliday in Augusta, and Barry Fuller in Portland," Webb explained.

There's a lot that goes into who will be officiating a basketball game at the tournament. Webb makes that decision and lets the officials know.

"We don't have officials do back to back games with schools, making sure that officials involved are not among those a school may not prefer to have in their game. There's a lot to an assignment or a day full of assignments," Webb said.

We'll see many more officials working over the next several days and next week at the state championship. They come from all over the state and have one common bond, the love of basketball.