Officials offer tips to protect your online information

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 3:59 PM EST
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Determining fact from fiction once was a librarian's job, but nowadays it's a skill needed by anyone whose information is stored online - from social media accounts to medical and Medicare records. UMPI Assistant Professor Fred Strickland offers tips to help you determine whether what you're seeing is real or a con man's attempt to steal what's yours.

"If it's a story that 'I'm in Paris and I need money because I've been robbed,' and you know your friends haven't expressed any interest in travel outside of the country, then you can figure that's probably a bogus message. If there's bad grammar, misspelled words, that's another tip-off that the message is probably bogus. If it threatens you or gives you a threat that you've been audited by the IRS or you're going to lose access to your Facebook account, that's probably a bogus message," says Fred Strickland.

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