Pelletier named as MTCMA Ambassador

The Executive Board of Directors of the Maine Town, City & County Management Association unanimously approved Ryan Pelletier of St. Agatha as an MTCMA Ambassador.

Pelletier is the 10th individual in Maine appointed as an Ambassador since the program was instituted in 2015.

Ambassadors are assets to the association and are able to offer extensive professional knowledge, as well as guidance and counsel to the membership. Together, they have over 125 years of local government management experience in Maine. Many are recipients of either the prestigious Linc Stackpole, Leadership or Rising Star awards given annually by the Association .

Ambassadors must be a current member of the MTCMA in good standing and have served at least 10 years as a chief administrative officer for a municipality or county and with at least 10 years of service in Maine. They must also have had a successful career displaying the highest integrity and adherence to the ICMA Code of Ethics.

Pelletier has served 19 years in local and regional government including town manager appointments in Wallagrass, St. Agatha and Madawaska. He is the current County Administrator for Aroostook County.

As an ambassador, Pelletier will be readily available to provide advice, counsel and mentoring to other managers and administrators. Ambassadors frequently providing guidance on complex issues to municipalities and counties with managers that may have less experience or have not dealt with a particular issue or problem.

“It’s an honor to be chosen and I look forward to serving the Association and our members," said Pelletier. "In this profession, we are all in it together and if I can be of assistance to new managers and municipalities in transition, then I will have paid back a little bit for the years when I was first starting out and relied on wisdom and counsel from more seasoned managers at the time.”

Pelletier joins nine other colleagues in the Ambassador program including: Bill Bridgeo, City Manager of Augusta; Ruth Cashman, Retired; Kathryn Ruth, Town Manager of Pittsfield; Mitch Berkowitz, Retired; Perry Ellsworth, Town Manager of South Berwick; Richard Davis, Town Manager of Farmington; Betsy Fitzgerald, County Manager of Washington; Peggy Daigle, Retired; and Bert Kendall, Retired.