Perth-Andover survey examines use of recreational green space

PERTH-ANDOVER, New Brunswick - Under the leadership of the Rotary Club of Perth-Andover, volunteers from local service and community groups are examining the use of existing recreational green space in Perth-Andover through a survey. Specifically, the municipality and all other community organizations involved are hoping to find what improvements the residents of Perth-Andover and surrounding communities believe would provide the most benefit to all ages and showcase nature in all four seasons. The goal is to deliver a proposal to Village Council by the end of 2019.

Each individual that responds will have the chance to win one of three prizes available: a 20-visit pass to Perth-Andover’s Outdoor Adventure Centre, a five-visit pass to Perth-Andover’s Outdoor Adventure Centre, or a three-month membership to the Active Living Fitness Centre (two available).

This survey can be found at:, or by visiting

For more information about this survey, call 506-273-4959, or email