Plane crash landed in Presque Isle

Published: Nov. 22, 2017 at 8:47 PM EST
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A plane slid off the runway at the Presque Isle Airport Wednesday night.

According to TAMC, just after 6:50 this evening, a fixed-wing aircraft that was carrying a patient as well as a paramedic and nurse from the Crown Critical Care Transport team crash landed at the south end of the Northern Maine Regional Airport in Presque Isle. The plane is owned and operated by Fresh Air, LLC and is one of two contracted by The Aroostook Medical Center to transport patients in need of care in a tertiary care hospital, such as the ones in Bangor and Portland.

Early reports indicate that the plane experienced an engine fire after takeoff and was trying to return to the airport when it lost power and landed short of the runway. The patient, the Crown Critical Care transport crew and the pilot were all transported to TAMC’s emergency department where they are being evaluated.

"The plane was a two engine Cessna, it crashed off the east side of taxiway alpha on airport grounds. Luckily there was four souls on board, there was minor injuries. It was a medevac plane that was taking a patient down to another hospital. Everyone is being treating right now and seem to be okay," said Presque Isle Deputy Fire Chief Adam Rider.