Police Beat-Holiday Theft

The holiday season is time that brings joy to many. But, its also is a time that criminals take advantage of. Theft usually spikes up around this time of year, with everything from packages being lifted from porches to house Burglaries. Though, in county, Car burglaries are the most common this time of year. About a month ago, Fort Fairfield had an issue with a person who was stealing from motor vehicles.

(Shawn Newall Chief of Police Fort Fairfield)
"Unfortunately we've had a few people or actually several people, right now we have I believe 12 motor vehicle burglaries and we have 10 victims that area missing property from those vehicles."

Not long after that, Caribou had a person prowling around residences on the Grimes mill road, stealing from parked vehicles.

(Officer Douglas Bell of Caribou PD)
Last name the call came in around 7:45 from a resident on the grimes mill road. That there was somebody prowling around the property. What the officers were quickly able to determine was that someone was breaking into motor vehicles. So its burglary of a motor vehicle.

Presque Isle Police Department Patrolman Isaac Ward says most of these types of incidents in the county have one thing in common..

(Isaac Ward Patrolman PIPD)
The majority of the cases are because the vehicle was left unlocked or the house was unlocked. Its more rare, for us to see vehicles actually broken into than it is for us to find a case where the vehicle was left unlocked.

Ward also gives some advice on what to do if you're heading out of town and don't have anyone to check on your house and vehicles.

(Isaac Ward Patrolman PIPD)
If you were gonna be a way for the holidays, its always a good idea to have a neighbor keep a watch on your house or your vehicles if your gonna leave them. If you're gonna be away for an extended period of time, you can always come to the PD, and we actually do house checks. So you can sign up to have your house checked for a certain amount of time by us at night

And Ward adds when out doing holiday shopping It's best to keep your car locked and anythings of value out of view. Brandon Beville Newssource 8.