Police investigate threat at Presque Isle High School

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Presque Isle police say a conversation on social media involving a threat by a Presque Isle High School student was based on an old post from two years ago.

Chief Matt Irwin says he received the same social media information that's been circulating, contacted the school, and assigned his detective to investigate. Irwin says based on this investigation, it was determined there was no threat.

"There's not been a recent threat against the school and there's not been a credible threat against the school," said Irwin. "This is a conversation between students that just got overplayed."

Irwin says it's important for anyone with information of a potential threat to notify school officials and police.

Police say multiple threats of school shootings have been reported in the County and across the state.

Presque Isle Police officer Christopher Hayes says that students who make these types of threats could end up being charged with terrorizing.

"Most of the time it's a Class D crime, so it's just a misdemeanor," said Hayes. "It all depends on the judge, but you're talking about a $400-$500 fine and a couple of days in jail. If it was something off of a terroristic nature where kids are going into the schools with guns, then it will probably be turned to an aggravated level with other charges. Then it could be some severe time in jail, but it all depends on what the actual action is. There's no set time, it all depends on what actually occurred."