Police officers in Houlton now have something to connect with kids they encounter.

They're items that can come in handy when police officers respond to a call where children are involved.

(DeLuca) "The most difficult part of our job is dealing especially a child who is a victim or witness to a crime but these give the officers some comfort as well, being able to get a smile on the child's face or keep them busy while we're dealing with a situation in general until we can get more services for the child."

The idea for the kits came from Adopt a Block of Aroostook.

(Goetsch) "The idea originated after meeting with one of the police officers here at the Houlton police department and he was talking about just some of the things they face as officers when they go out on calls."

Tammy Goetsch is Adopt a Blocks program director. She says they often receive donations of items for children. Those donations along with other items they purchased are make up the kits.

(Goetsch) "We just went out and we thought what can do to bring some joy to a child that might be in a crisis situation, that would aid an officer in building rapport with them in a difficult situation."

As time goes on Goetch says she'll keep in contact with the officers to see if there is anything that needs to be added to the kits. Both she and Houlton police hope these small items can make a big difference to a child in need.

Ashley Blackford News Source 8.