Police warn of hypodermic needles being found in public places

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - The Presque Isle Police Department is asking everyone to be on the lookout for used hypodermic needles laying on the ground around town.

In a post on their facebook page, officials say they're receiving daily calls from residents reporting that they have found a used needle at one location or another. Playgrounds, parks and along the shoulder of streets are the most common places these are being reported.

This drug paraphernalia poses a serious health risk to whomever comes in contact with it. If you find a needle, contact the Presque Isle Police Department, or your local law enforcement agency, and an officer will respond to pick it up. Leave it where you find it.

It's especially important for parents and guardians to educate children to never touch needles. Children should be taught to notify an adult if they find one.

There is a needle disposal kiosk in the lobby of many police departments, if you have any needles at home that you'd like to discard.