Potential Resettlement for A Group of Immigrants

Published: Aug. 23, 2017 at 12:21 PM EDT
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This group of Somali immigrants from Lewiston are at the SAD 1 Farm learning about agriculture opportunities in Aroostook County.

Muhidsin Libah says, "there's overcrowding in the Lewiston area. So we are at the process of looking for another place to resettle."

Through the help of the Maine Community Foundation and Northern Maine Community college these immigrants are getting the chance to experience all of what Aroostook County can offer them in terms of resettling.

Steven Rowe says, "Aroostook County has lost population and would like to attract more families to this part of the state and we have the Somali Bantu Farm families in Lewiston that are looking for more land to farm."

Rowe says This is a chance to expose them to smaller-scale agricultural opportunities in the area, ones they might not be aware of. And agricultural opportunities aren't all they are looking for.

Libhah says, "the biggest problem in the Lewiston- area is housing because we are large families."

Their average families consists of almost 10 people. Libah says adequate housing where lead is not an issue is important. The biggest concern is finding a place that will provide a long term lease for this community to grow its own crops.

Libhah says, "nobody is giving us a secure land, like a long term lease only doing a year to year lease so the other would be land for cultivation."

and after getting a tour of the farm and spending some time here in the county, Libah says he wants to thanks everyone for their welcoming attitudes and hospitality.