Preparation For Robotics Competition

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 10:58 AM EDT
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Mini guns, roller coasters, and coloring, no, we are not at a carnival... These Madawaska 5th and 6th graders are getting ready to show off their robotics. These displays are part of the junior Lego Robotics competition in Fort Kent

"we have the mini gun, hold it like that and just shoot it."

The students have been working on these robots for about 2 months.

"It's a ball roller coaster and there's two balls and they spin around."

Shane Jendreau says, "It gets kids into using computers, and it gets them into programming… "

Cameron Mignault says, "Programming is generally hard when you are getting the brain to use it but if you do it on a computer and you know what you are doing its pretty easy."

(Teacher Gina Jandreau says these are topics science classes don't normally focus on. But she says they should be focused on more often.

Jandreau says, "the kids have been exposed to all of these things, and they are really enjoying programming these robots and making them autonomous."

She says this might be a good way to inspire these students to stay local.

Jandeau says, "These students now are thinking about going into engineering since they've been exposed to these things and since we have a company who hires engineers in town, its beneficial to their company and the community because these kids might want to come back some day. "

But for now these students are happy just showing off their hard work.