Presque Isle Ambulance Service

These new ambulances… EMS Licenses and paramedics have all been added to the Presque Isle Fire Dept. The city is now running its own ambulance service.

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online

Presque Isle Fire Chief Darrell White says, "Since April Fools day we've been covering the emergency 9-1-1 calls for the city of Presque Isle."

White says it started out slow but since Monday business has been picking up. Adds it's been a seamless transition.

White says, "We've been received very well from the public, so things are going well."

City Manager of Presque Isle Martin Puckett agrees, "It's been working well. We've been working with TAMC and we are working on a mutual aid agreement. "

There will be no noticeable changes to the services. People will still dial 9-1-1 to receive services, what is changing is how calls will be routed.

White says, "when you dial 9-1-1 from a LAN line that call automatically goes to Panopsqa (sp) Regional Dispatch Center. And from there they determine whose call it is whether its police, fire or and so that works for the sheriff's department, the state police for all of the emergency services and so once they identify say a 9-1-1 call for an ambulance in Presque Isle, they hit a transfer button. Once they transfer that call which is located here in the public safety center and they will give the pertinent information to our dispatcher which is basically the nature of the complaint and where it is and some other information and that puts us on the road."

The only changes people will notice are cosmetic ones

White says, "The only change they are going to see is the different color ambulances."

White says they looked at several ambulance services around the state including Caribous. He says that a conservative estimate of savings for the tax payers is between 300 and 500 thousand dollars annual savings.